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story of my life


for the record:
If you use the term “straight bara”, or actually want that shit to be a thing.

I’ll here by tell you to hang yourself at Mount Everest, so that the moment you hit the ground your body shall be frozen and crumble into pieces as you’ll be easier to eat by the creatures living in that environment.

If that sounds too hardcore to you, then I won’t mind slicing your body part off with a sickle blade, using your guts as a necktie and throwing the rest of your body parts to the sharks.



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a little rant about yaoicon

why do straight men do this,

what gives straight men the idea that it’s alright to act like they are gay just to get female attention.

>Notice that these men are even giving non-homosexual characters a image of them being gay

>Not even gay men want ever male character to be homosexual

>It’s an unending sexualisation of gay men

why do they need to be so borderline homophobic?

a friend of mine asked me why I still never attended yaoicon, and this exactly the reason why.

Straight men acting all gay just to get some attention from women.

People told me to shut the fuck up because at least they are not being homophobic, yet by creating another Illusionary image that yaoi fangrils have of gay men, they are being homophobic.

I think I would’ve had less problems with this if these men were gay and not just doing this shit to get female attention.

people told me not to take this stuff seriously because it’s fictional, yet it annoys me to see straight pretending to be gay just to make some fangirls turned on.

a con-goer from Yaoicon told me that Yaoicon is all about acceptance, I don’t find this accepting to homosexuality at all.

"it’s almost borderline homophobic" like one of my friends stated on facebook.

this is not social justice, this is just a rant of a real homosexual guy being tired of straight men pretending to be gay just for the pleasure they get from turning on women.

the yaoi community has this illusionary image of gay men, this counts for almost everyone in the community who is not male and homosexual. It doesn’t takes one to be Caesar to understand Caesar, however it’s about time the community should wake up and realize they are being borderline homophobic.

you can call me whatever you like for being tired of this idealistic image that fujoshi & fudanshi have of gay men, but the skits and acts from Yaoi Con are bringing this bullshit image to a fucking different level and its utterly disgusting.

I’m not saying straight men should cosplay characters attached to their sexuality, I’m saying that they should stop pretending that they are homosexual just for to please women.

We need both fujoshi and men who do this stuff to stop, because the mangakas are to blame for the illusionary image that fujoshi and other yaoi fans have of gay men, fujoshi are to blame for the rude behavior towards gay men, and straight men who do these skits and acts are to blame for keeping this illusionary image alive.

Lmao how do you know that they aren’t gay? You’re kind of disillisioned yourself if you honestly believe you can tell a heterosexual or homosexual simply by a photo.

And the way you argue is that if they were gay, and trying to please gay men (even though, I doubt they are doing a skit like that to ‘turn girls on’), does that make it any better?

Your argument just turns around to bite you in the ass. Whether you meant to or not, you sound just as ‘homophobic’ as the people you’re trying to argue against by presenting stupid stereotypes for gay men.

you’re doing a few things wrong

>you’re assuming a real gay guy is homophobic towards his own kind

>you don’t really have the right to say a thing in this, since you’re a fujoshi and your blog is filled with yaoi

>We gay men have a thing called a Gaydar, we know when a straight guy is just being a little annoyed piece of trash just to allure females

the way these men behave is borderline homophobic,

I’ve seen some of the facebook pages of these men, they are all straight and some even have a girlfriend.

Yaoi is a genre made for women, it stereotypes gay men and give them a illusionary image of how real life men on men relationships are.

You should know since you’re a fujoshi yourself. non then less this behavior is still hella borderline homophobic.

these men are also making skits of non gay characters and making them seem as gay, NOT EVER GAY MEN THINK OF EVERY MALE CHARACTER AS GAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

now you can leave and annoy someone else’s time because if you’re angry a real gay guy made a rant over your precious “yaoi” then you can go back to your weeaboo life.

Anonymous whispered: holy fucking hell grow a back spine, it is a genre for gay men so I guess those anons were just confused. you should get off your high trone so that I can throw my meat in your face. Bon ape titties


  Grow a back spine??? Are you getting angry??? Should I be worried about my throat neck??? And if you are trying to use that maybe the anons were confused do you think that they were confused about how I say that I am straight in my description???

   Oh yeah and with all of this big talk from you, you must be hung like a horse so I think I’ll just stay right here on my throne because you should have no problems reaching. If you can’t reach just let me know. I can make accommodations for you to kiss my feet like a basic bottom bitch ^_^

Anon shut the fuck up! And you Jesse you shut up too! 

seeing this on my dashboard really fucking angers me

the way the anon speaks is like the sjw in the bara community

but the way you speak Jesse is borderline homophobic

if you answer one more of these rude asks I will have to unfollow you for a while

the way you respond to these Anonymous messages is borderline homophobic

and the way this Anon is sending you asks is hella fucking rude

Gyro I’ve got your balls and you’re not getting them back

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Mori máscaras *w*